Converse vs. Vans


Converse and Vans are two of many leading shoe brands nationwide, from Converse high tops to checkered Vans. However, which one do Cal High students like the most? I wanted to settle this debate by asking a few of the students to get their opinions. Here is what they had to say.

“Which brand do you prefer and why?”

“High tops are cool, I don’t like Vans high tops so Converse high tops just fit, I would probably go with Converse”

Adrianna De La Rosa 10th grade

“Personally I like the style of Converse and I don’t wear Vans.”

Nicole Alva 10th grade

“I prefer Converse, I think they are more comfortable and I like their high tops, they are more comfortable on my ankles.”

Amber Adame 10th grade

“I think Vans because there’s different kinds of Vans like slip ons, high tops, a different variety of them. I think with Converse it’s just high tops in my opinion. Vans are way more comfier.

Amayah Gonzalez 12th grade

“I would go with Vans especially the slip ons because they are easy and quick to put on especially when you’re in a rush.”

Evelyn Barreto 11th grade

“Converse because the high tops look a lot cooler then the Vans high tops.”

Jaden Baker 11th grade

“I like Converse more because I like how the high tops look.”

Hailey Allemand 10th grade

And there you have it, although there is no obvious winner, it was very fun and interesting to compare the dislikes and likes of both brands. Which one do you prefer?