Does taste in music reflect your personality?

It was a late night, and I was scrolling through random websites, when I came across multiple articles explaining studies about how what type of music genre people listen could indicate what personality traits they might have. At first, I was confused about how that even worked. But I couldn’t be sure without testing it. Sort of like what my biology teacher talked about… the Scientific Method.

(In case you forgot the scientific method)


So, that’s exactly what I did. I looked it up, and since there was so many articles about it, I thought it would be worthwhile to see if they were true.

My hypothesis was although peoples’ music taste could reflect traits in their personality, it’s unlikely that it will be accurate.

The second thing I did was interview fellow condors.  Then came the experiment. Basically asking people how they would describe their personality and what genre of music they preferred. 


My first interviewee was Larissa Ortega. Ortega stated that it thinks that its outgoing and basically an ambivert. When asked what genre of music it preferred, Ortega replied with, “Classic Rock.” 

My second was Gaby Sanchez. She stated that she was introverted, antisocial, and kind. Her top genre was hip-hop.

My last, but not least, was Lee Tees. Tees stated they were extroverted, but mainly around friends. They enjoyed classical music. 


However, this when I hit a road bump. When they described their personality, they didn’t use any of the phases the articles used. So, I decided to write down what the articles said about each genre and see if anyone identified with any of the adjectives in the articles. 


When I asked Ortega, it said it is a hard worker, and Ortega did like nostalgia, but only sometimes did it feel at ease with itself. 

Sanchez states she is not very social or extroverted, but she does have high self esteem. 

Tees stated they had a somewhat good intuition, an unhealthy amount of self esteem, and didn’t really find patterns in things. 


According to their statements, there could be some correlation between music and personality, but since most of their answers were slightly unclear, (and because the number of students talked to were small, and therefore couldn’t have a super accurate result) the answer came out inconclusive.


All in all, this was a fun experiment to run, and if greeted with another opportunity, I would try it again.


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