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How do Class Ranks Impact Cal High?

How do Class Ranks Impact Cal High?

Juan Mosquera March 4, 2022

Class Ranks have been recently featured in the semester 1 report cards, but are class ranks really necessary? Do they affect how students see themselves? What do parents think of it? Class ranks are...

¨Spider-Man No Way Home¨ Movie Review

¨Spider-Man No Way Home¨ Movie Review

Sarah Sánchez February 16, 2022
Written after the exploding success of Spider-Man No Way Home; a die-hard MCU fan´s movie review and recap.
Why are vending machines shut down?

Why are vending machines shut down?

Savannah Marin December 2, 2021

l can guarantee that all Cal High students have started to realize that all our vending machines are closed down. Why is that? As a student, I don’t understand why they are shut down. I bring lunch,...

La Serna vs Cal Rivalry Football Game

La Serna vs Cal Rivalry Football Game

Sarah Sanchez December 2, 2021

  On Youngwood Drive stands La Serna High School and on Mills Avenue California High School. With only 1.9 miles between the two schools, peace was never an option... Dramatics...

Are students and staff willing to get vaccinated?

Lizzie Guzman February 25, 2021

Taken by: Lizzie Guzman, Outdoor ER due to COVID restrictions With the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) along with the EUA(emergency use authorization) working together to...

The Significance of Makeup in Today’s Beauty Standards

Lizzie Guzman November 7, 2020

Photo Taken by: Kaur Jmeb, January 7, 2006  We’ve all seen a makeup ad at one point in our lives, whether it played while watching  television or before watching a youtube video,...

El Paso mass shooting proves that America is under attack by its citizens

Kate Vizcarra October 15, 2019

On Aug 3,  2019 one of the deadliest mass shootings in the history of the United States took place, leaving 22 people dead and 26 injured. This all occurred in a Walmart located in El Paso Tx. The suspect...

“Imagine taking away someone’s education to make your kid look good”: Students’ Perspective on the College Admissions Scandal

Hannah Martinez March 20, 2019

By Hannah Martinez "At first I felt like laughing, like are you serious?" Eirenne O'Neill, a freshman at USC, tells me over the phone. "It was on the news. It's not something you expect to happen,...

Should Students at Cal High Have to Do the Senior Project ?

Kate Vizcarra November 26, 2018
Are senior projects in need of some serious change? By Kate Vizcarra.
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