A New Addition to Campus Life: Culture Club

 Amy Gomez and Mars Ramirez, Juniors

Amy Gomez and Mars Ramirez, Juniors

This year, an exciting new club was made. A club dedicated to exploring and enjoying cultures all around the world. When asked about why they decided to make this club, the two Juniors, Mars Ramirez and Amy Gomez decided that, like any other kid, they just wanted to have fun. Amy states, “At first we wanted to do something fun and waste time, but then it grew into something educational.”


This club is an extremely important addition to campus life because of its purpose. To not only give insight into other cultures and traditions but to share and learn about the stories of people within them. In the interview, Amy and Mars talk about the significance of learning about women throughout the world. Women have a shared culture too, whether it’s in the way they were raised and brought up in history, or the shared struggles they’ve had to face just to prove themselves; it’s a culture worth sharing. This is the same message Mars and Amy wish to spread; it’s what makes their club so special. 


These two girls created this club with care and determination. When asked about their hopes for this club, Mars responds by saying, “Learning can be fun if you make it fun, and I hope this club does that and I also really hope that people see that there are so many things out there that they don’t know about because of this closed off circle, and I hope we can open that up for them.”


Amy Gomez (11) and Mars Ramirez (11)