The History of Stuffing Your Face in Thanks

Thanksgiving break has been desperately desired by many a student across the nation, including me. So, to celebrate, let’s delve into the history of the holiday and how it came to be.

It all began in September of 1620, when a bunch of Pilgrims (about 102 of them) landed on Plymouth with their little ship, the Mayflower. This was all to get away from their overbearing dad, Britain, and to start anew in hopes to prosper and gain land. There they stayed for a winter, where half of them died due to scurvy, disease, hypothermia, the works. When Spring finally came along, an Abenaki Indian visited them, then came back after several days with Squanto from the Pawtuxet tribe, who, after being enslaved in London and finally managing to make his way back home, taught them how to properly harvest and get sustenance while avoiding poisonous plants. He also helped forge an alliance with the Wampanoag, a local tribe, where in, surprise surprise, Novemeber 1621, they had a successful first harvest and had a celebratory feast which is now known as the “first Thanksgiving”.

   Later on, after numerous Presidents also celebrated this holiday, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln made it an official national holiday. Due to Sarah  Josepha Jake’s 36 years of nagging and editorials that is. Her coercing is why we have the much needed break, even if Lincoln implemented the holiday.