Spring Choir Showcase

At least once each semester, Cal High’s chamber and chorus perform at a concert. The most recent one was the Choir Spring Showcase. The showcase was held in the CHS cafeteria and around 120 people attended!

Mr. Hawkins – Choir and Piano Director

On March 11th, LA County lifted the mandate on masks from being required to strongly recommended. On that same day, the Choir showcase was happening; many performers didn’t wear masks. When asked, Mr. Hawkins, the choir and piano director, stated that masks make singing a little more difficult when worn. (Although, a couple of performers, myself included, did wear masks. We just had to sing louder and articulate clearer than the others.)

Mr. Hawkins also said he hasn’t seen his choir without a mask on for over two years, and the night was a very emotional experience for him. 

Despite the name, the event involved other musical groups such as the CHS orchestra and the Rio Hondo choir. 

“Wait, wait what?” 

That’s what I thought when I heard a college-level choir was joining the mix. I’m just a measly freshman from the beginning of choir class and I got to be in the presence of way older musicians. I don’t know about you guys, but I found it to be very cool.

What’s cooler is the fact that their accompanist was a Cal Hi graduate and it was the first time our school collaborated with Rio Hondo.

All in all, the showcase was super awesome and really fun. 


(PS: The CHS orchestra was extremely good! Kind of made me want to learn to play a stringed instrument since I only know brass instruments.)


(PPS: If you are interested in joining choir, go to BB3 [next to the band field/next to the cafetorium and ask for Mr. Hawkins. If interested in joining a piano class, you could go to the same class, or BB6, since that would be the piano class.)