Introducing your 2022-2023 ASB President: Jaden Baker

Introduce yourself and some fun facts you would like to share

“Hi, I am Jaden Baker, I am this year ASB Video Tech, I am a junior and a few facts about me: I like to skateboard, I have really good vision in the dark, and I like Brussels sprouts.”

Why did you want to be next year’s ASB president?

“I wanted to be the next ASB president because I have worked my behind off for the past three years on ASB and I believe I know what it takes to be ASB president. If it has gone wrong I have seen it gone wrong and I know a way to fix it. I have shown exceptional leadership these past few years that I have been on ASB. I am always one of the first ones to get stuff done. I was always a major part of ASB in general, so I believe that makes me a great leader.”

Is there anything you would like to implement or change in CalHigh next year?

“I would like to implement more student engagement in anything that happens in general. I look around and it’s all class council kids going up on stage, all ASB kids and even in the News For the Nest and Sports Nest, its only ASB kids and I think we should have the opportunity for not only teachers, staff, and faculty to be involved and have them in the limelight but also students in general. Even for football games, I want to do halftime shows for football games, I want students to come onto the field, onto the track, and play games and have fun with teachers and people in general. So I think overall I want to increase student engagement because as of right now we’re getting a lot but I think we can do a lot more and involve CalHigh into everything we do.”

Is there anything you would like to say to the students of CalHigh?

“Something I would like to say to the students of CalHigh, in general, is get involved! I know that is heavily stressed but there are people who just come to school, learn, then just go home, I don’t know how you can enjoy high school at that rate because you need to take it one moment at a time. If you’re not really enjoying what you’re doing, switch it up, you know what I mean? Do class council, apply for ASB, do a sport if you want. So I encourage everyone at Cal to get involved.”

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