La Serna vs Cal Rivalry Football Game


On Youngwood Drive stands La Serna High School and on Mills Avenue California High School. With only 1.9 miles between the two schools, peace was never an option…

Dramatics aside, high school rivalries are as real as they come in any Disney Channel show. Though, maybe a little less chaotic and cringy. However, the general dissing and tension is very much true, especially when it comes to the widely appreciated sport of football.

 And on October 15th was the awaited annual La Serna vs Cal Rivalry Football Game.

In what ended in a 17-6  victory for LS, was a long night of music, food, and football. And of course, the well awaited chance for both schools to see adversaries. But before the game, there was a week’s worth of build up for that Friday night in what was called ¨Rivalry Week¨.

Rivalry Week

Rivalry Week Poster at Cal

No spirit week can go without it´s theme days so organized by its students, the week was kicked off at Cal High with Floral vs Flannel on Monday. I personally chose to wear my favorite flannel as did many but there was a fair share of both clothing. Though I’m unsure of what won out (hopefully flannel!) there was plenty of student participation to start Rivalry Week.

The next day was the interesting theme of Surfer vs Greaser. In what almost felt like the setting of The Outsiders (great book by the way!) was biker jackets and beach attire alike filling the campus. Unintentionally, I was a Surfer that day but Greasers definitely won out.

For Wednesday the theme was Cowboys vs Aliens (I´m in Band, take your pick what I was without effort) and Thursday was Mathletes vs Athletes. And finally, Friday was Condor Madness. 

Yellow, blue, and white littered the halls on the 15th with much talk about the game that night. It was finally time for the week´s climatic build up. Or, to quote the random person I heard in the halls, ¨Time to stick it to La Serna!¨

Plenty of talk like that was in the air for the week but anticipation for the night’s events – whether it was for the game or its social aspects – finally accompanied it.

Game Night

What was interesting about the game was Cal was on the away side, even at our own stadium. Of course, that was because it was a home game for La Serna (who uses our field) and the stands were packed!

At seven PM for kickoff, the stands were rowdy from both bands, the taunting of the crowd, and cheering. Sitting in the bleachers, I got to watch the chaos unfold that night and it was insanely loud! On October 15th, both schools shared a moment of high from the guys battling it out on the field, the cheer teams riling both sides up, and the bands doing what they did best. The Rivalry Game was a success for both schools.

Despite the 17-6 loss for Cal that night, even Football Coach Mr. Zamora had to agree the game went fairly well. He says, ¨I am very pleased with how we played against La Serna. It was a hard fought battle. I can always count on our guys to compete and give their all when it comes to this rivalry game.¨


Not only was it a Rivalry Game for La Serna but their Homecoming Game as well! We have to congratulate them, even if they are our competitor school, for executing a creative halftime.

First and foremost was an interesting performance from the Sophomore Class of 2024. In what was a rather creative – and what I assume was space themed – show, the Class of 2024 did a job well done.

And of course we have to acknowledge how amazing the LS Band looked (What? Band nerds support fellow Band nerds!) Clad in their red and black uniforms, the large group of musicians marched out in formation, instruments at the ready, onto the field where they remained for halftime as a pathway. Pathway for what you might be asking? For the homecoming court to walk through of course!

Congratulations to Tyler Aguilar for the Homecoming Queen win that night!

Thoughts on Rivalry?

I can’t conclude this article without properly acknowledging exactly what the La Serna and Cal Rivalry is to certain people, so I asked around for some opinions.

 ¨-to be honest as much as everyone hypes it up it’s never been that aggressive from the band perspective of things. Everyone’s always super chill with each other,¨ says a senior at Cal. ¨Senior year though, after covid and online learning and the distance from other people, I feel like everyone was really there together in the community who is really just happy to be back and even have a rivalry game. Super good energy and vibes even if we were both on opposing sides.¨

The rivalry clearly isn’t the same experience for some. In some cases such as this band student´s, it was rather relaxed their entire four years.

However, for a freshman at La Serna, it’s a little more complex than that.

¨The teachers get really competitive about Cal and how we should always win and if we don’t win it’s jinxed and whatever sport it is we should go watch it since it’s against our rival, home or away,¨ says the freshman indifferently. ¨Personally I’m not that interested in the Rivalry just yet since I haven’t played against them in basketball. But once we do I think I’ll show more interest.¨

I think it’s evident here that the teachers are getting hyped up for the Rivalry more than its own students in some cases!

Though, the new La Serna student isn´t afraid to jokingly add, ¨I don’t really understand it [the rivalry], but all I know is the schools are rivals… oh and La Serna is better.¨

In the end though, the key take away from high school relationships such as these is it´s the experience that counts, not who comes out on top. While the everlasting competition is fun and widely talked about, in this time after covid, it’s important to just enjoy events such as these and not think too hard about them.

¨The thing about the Rivalry is that you get to have fun with your friends whether it’s a game week or just any other day at school,¨ a sophomore at Cal shares. ¨The Rivalry keeps you on your toes in the best way. ¨

Cal High Stadium October 15th