First Ever Comedy Sportz Tie


Comedy Sportz season officially began on Monday, March 7, 2022, as the school’s improv team held their first official game in the school’s cafeteria. Comedy Sportz is instructed by the theater teacher Mr.Nguyen as he guides the team to learn different improv games, quick thinking, and scene building.

Comedy Sportz is based on audience suggestions and scene games. There are two rounds to the game and the game is composed of two different teams “red” and “blue.” Each team plays two scene games using audience suggestions of a theme. Some examples of audience suggestions are building a scene around a certain object or location. The teams win points after each team performs one scene game. Whichever team the audience cheered for the loudest–and liked their scene the best-receive points. Both the team and the audience were on edge throughout the game, and Tuesday marked history in Cal-High’s comedy sportz history as the team experienced its first-ever tie.

Isabella “Bella” Montana, Senior

Bella Montana is a senior and the “captain” of the comedy sportz team at cal-high and was thrilled with the events of the first game of the school year. Montana described anxiety before the game but her teammates helped calm her nerves. “I was nervous and I spent most of the time pacing but once my teammates and I did a little huddle I definitely felt more confident and more trusting in the partners I had with me.” Bella has participated in Comedy Sportz throughout all four years in High School and is hoping for future games as the school year comes to an end. When asked about the tie Montana described it as good luck. “I definitely felt like it was a sign from the universe since it was such an anomaly.” Montana is looking forward to the rest of the comedy sportz season as this is her final year on the team.

Enrique Hernandez, Junior

Enrique Hernandez is a Junior and has been on the comedy sportz team for three years. Enrique felt nervous for the first game of the season but described the experience as overall thrilling. “I just took a breath and got in the zone y’know?” Hernandez feels most confident on stage and trusts his teammates to help and support him. “We were there for each other, we helped each other out, teamwork.” Hernandez was shocked about the tie but is looking forward to making a comeback in the next game and settling the score.