SBAC Testing

MARCH 11th, 2019 – Every morning, I walk through the front gates of California High School and stroll to the far right corner of the A building where my friends and I hang out. We poke fun at each other or at my friend Josh for his unusual obsession for anime, while he counters with incoherent jargon that no one really understands; we all laugh in the end.

Unfortunately, I did not get to do that on March 11th of this year. For some odd reason, the start of SBAC testing happened to fall on my birthday (If so I had to report to the Large Gym before I could have any down time with friends.

ROOM U2, California High School – One might assume that the Large Gym has all you need for large scale testing. It’s acclaimed design gives it a magnificent amount of space, enabling multiple students to test at the same time. As well as having walls draped with banners displaying great achievements earned by Cal-High’s esteemed athletes, inspiring students to do their best whether it’s in athletics or academics.

Despite the Large Gyms wonder and glory, some students find it painfully difficult to enter through its doors… these poor students suffer from PTSD, caused by horrible flashbacks of previous tests taken in the Large Gym. The PSAT, APHUG, APBIO, CHEM, EURO, etc.,

These tests are killers. Now, adding to the list, the Junior class of Cal-High can add the SBAC.

Of course, the SBAC is not as bad as it seems; we all have to take it one way or another and it may possibly replace the SAT, eliminating a test most people stress out about.

What’s different about this year, however, is that students are getting rewarded for how well we do. If, on both tests, one were to get 3’s, they will be able to get a free hamburger sometime during Senior year (likely around the time each Junior class takes the SBAC). With two 4’s, one becomes eligible to receive a medal to wear during graduation.

Personally, these incentives do not matter to me, I could care less if I got a hamburger or medal. However, depending on how well one does on either test, the school has agreed to raise the grades of our English and Math classes. That is huge.