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Love is What Really Matters

A long time ago people did things differently…

Way back before candy hearts and commercialized holidays, there were beating hearts and family holidays. Lovers enjoyed each other’s company without stressing about the perfect gift; kids traded real fun and games, not fake cards and compliments. Of course, why would you listen to me badger on about the good times? It’s not like any of you humans really care about this stuff. But maybe, just maybe, a story would send the message home.

The man hiked up the trail toward the cottage. Rain drops peppered the road as he rushed to get home, rushed to see his darling wife. As much as he loved her, her wrath was not one to be trifled with. The clouds overhead had nothing to do with the darkened skies which could only mean one thing: he was late. Painfully, dreadfully, oh so very late.

As Samuel approached the door, he took special care to wipe his boots before entering. No use angering the missus more than I have to.

“Alicia! You would not believe the amount of people at the market today,” he tried to explain. “For such a dreary day, you think people would stay h–.”

“‘Dreary day’? The day on which love is celebrated above all else is a ‘dreary day’?” Alicia stared him down.

“Ali, sweetheart, you know what I meant. Besides, why should we just have one day to celebrate love? Every day with you is a celebration to me.” Samuel said this with as sweet a tone as he could manage. Alicia rolled her eyes but smiled at her husband’s antics.

As Alicia prepared her own retort, the drizzle outside turned into a monsoon. The lovers looked around as the lights in their cottage extinguished, then down the hill as the lights in the city did too.

“There goes dinner,” Samuel remarked with laughter in his voice.

“Samuel Marquez!” Alicia tried to slap his arm as he moved away, chuckling still.

“What? I’m just stating the obvious.”

“Well now it’s obvious that our plans are ruined!” Alicia knew it was just a dinner. But she also knew it wasn’t just a dinner. It was a chance for her and Sam to spend some time together, treating their selves to a nice dinner for all the hard work they do. And now her dreams have been crushed. Her hopes were dashed faster than the lights.

Samuel saw how disappointed Ali was. He could read it in her eyes, her face, her body. It was like someone had let all of the air out of her. Finally, he could not take it anymore and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“It’ll be alright. There will be other dinners. Let’s just enjoy right now. We’re together. We’re dry. We’re together. We don’t have to deal with that awful weather outside. Oh, and did I mention we’re together?” Samuel smiled at her as she turned in his arms.

“How is it that every time I feel down, you pick me right back up?”

“I have no idea. Guess I just have a gift.”

The coupled stared lovingly into each other’s eyes. The dinner may be cancelled but the night was still young.

Ah, young love. I miss those days. Most of us gods are around a couple thousand years old, give or take. But I still remember the good ol’ days. Samuel and Alicia, some of the best from the twentieth century. What? You thought this was going to be a story about the first pair of lovers? No way, that was caveman era. Men are barely gentlemen nowadays, can you imagine how they used to be? Yikes, it was not pretty. The twentieth century is a pretty long time ago for mortals, isn’t it? Most of you reading this are in high school anyway.

Let this be a lesson to you. Do not get caught up in buying the nicest gifts or going to the fanciest restaurant. Enjoy the time you have with your partner. Being with them is the most important thing after all. Take it from the god of love, I know this stuff.

-Eros (or Cupid, whichever you prefer)

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Love is What Really Matters