Back From Break?

Two weeks off from school, sleeping in, celebrating, and dreading to come back to school. The holidays were cheerier with family and friends, and many hated having to give that up to come back to school. Well, let’s just say that not everyone was happy to come back.

 I interviewed some people at school asking them what were their thoughts. Many said there was a struggle getting out of their bed the first day back. “I had 5 alarms trying to wake me up…. I was so tired.” Sleep schedules didn’t exist during break.

Other students forgot what they were even learning about. One student drew a blank when I asked him if he remembered what he did in any of his classes. “I don’t even remember the last day of break, all I remember was that finals were over” said another student. Finals was the week to stress about school. Winter break was the only thing worth getting through finals for.

As much students were counting on winter break to come, we also didn’t want it to end. Most students didn’t want to come back to school and have homework, face responsibilities, learn, and wake up early again. We were sad about having to come back to these things.

However, there some students who were excited to come back to school. “Break was boring, school is a little more fun,” said one student. 1/3 of the students interviewed wanted to go back to school and said that they were “thrilled” to see their friends. A couple of students only wanted to go to school so that they could show off their new clothes, shoes, AirPods etc. My friends wanted to come to school just to see their friends and I; they were not upset about having to wake up early.

Whether you were one of the people who wanted to go to school or not, you still had to go; but, I hope now you don’t regret it anymore.