Night Rally

By Kate Vizcarra

This year  on October 29 cal High had its annual Night Rally, this is a night full of excitement and the perfect opportunity for students to show their Condor spirit! There is also a competition involved, the grade level that shows more spirit and enthusiasm wins. Every grade had its own and unique theme.The Seniors theme was all around the world, the juniors represented a fiesta, the sophomores dressed up as their favorite Pixar character and our phenomenal freshman theme was the 70’s. Every grade also had an amazing dance presentation with related songs according to  their theme, and there were also several games, one of the games the grade levels competed playing was Mario Kart. Our amazing cheerleaders, dance team and band also performed making the night even more unforgettable. At the end of the night the Seniors won the competition, juniors won in second place, Sophomores came in 3rd place and freshman came in fourth place.

I interviewed one of our Freshman to see what his experienced attending Night Rally for the first time was like. Gabriel Garcia say’s he expected Night Rally to be full of energy but he didn’t expect so much condor spirit. He say’s everyone was really enthusiastic and that it was a bonding experience for all of the students. He is for sure going to Night Rally every year and encourages every single student to go to this event. On his opinion he says the freshman did better than the other grades on the dancing choreography. As a member of Freshman Class Council he says that it took a lot of people, time, hard work and energy to decorate everything.

I think its important for every one to experience Night Rally and see how fun it can be, so don’t miss out next year!