Student of the Month

By Kate Vizcarra 

Every month there is a student of the month ceremony in the library of Cal High and every ceremony is just as special as the first one. Recognizing students is quite important,this makes them realize that all of the hard work they’re putting in is being appreciated. Being chosen as student of the month encourages students to keep trying harder.The students that get picked to receive this award are the students that try the hardest they show Condor pride,  set goals for themselves and achieve those goals,they work hard and if they fail they get back up and keep going. 

I decided to interview some of the students that received this award.

The first student I interviewed was Jaclyn Trejo, she felt shocked when she found out that she had been selected as student of the month since this was her second time receiving the award and to her understanding she thought she could only receive it one time in high school. She felt really special when she found out about this since she received from a teacher that she has had for four years.

Picture of Jaclyn Trejo

The second student I interviewed was Natalie Tejada. She is a Senior and this is her first year at Cal High.This award definitely motivated her to keep trying harder and she felt really proud of herself.