Stronger United

By Molly McCormick & Samantha Marrufo

Welcome Condors to the 2019-2020 school year! School started just about a month ago and it is already off to an incredible start in Cal High sports. In particular, fall sports are the main event right now. Anyone playing a fall sport usually practice and train countless hours during the summer which continues throughout the season. Just like every other sport, boys water polo has excelled in their season thus far. They have played 11 games already! The game that was very exciting was the Cal v. Pacifica game. Although, Pacifica is well-rounded team (with a somewhat scandalous reputation.) The Cal team sadly fell short, however, they put up a good fight and showed us that all great teams have to fall before they arise to the occasion.

Emiliano scoring a goal!!

Emiliano Jasis (right) is a sophomore here at California High School and is starting his second year on varsity water polo. He’s number ten in the water or as he puts it “the best number.” He scores an average of three goals per game! He is captain of the varsity team. Last year he got to be apart of the CIF water polo Champs and when I asked him about what the teams goals were, it wasn’t just about CIF. It was about the little things he said like becoming League Champs and finally beating La Serna. Emiliano also shares how close the team is and how they can “depend on each other in and out of the water.” He also discloses about how they are “stronger united.” That’s what a team is all about. Stay tuned for more on boys’ water polo, and don’t be shy. Come on down to any of their home games. The games are all located by the large gym in the pool! Hope to see you there. GO CONDORS!