Cal vs. Schurr: The First Home Game of the Year

The beginning of the year, as well as football season, was kicked off with a bang as the California Condors secured their first varsity victory against Schurr. This year, the football team has a new head coach. Coach Zamora was successfully able to lead the Condors to victory. “My first year with this team has been amazing,” says Zamora, “We have all been preparing for the season since January. I am real proud of the athletes for learning the new system so fast.” The game began with a quick score from our team and was followed by plenty more. Jose Toro, a junior football player says, “I think the most exciting part of the game was at the beginning when all of us ran out, and we felt so energized, so did the crowd.” At halftime, the marching band showed the crowd the progress they had made with their show this year, “We the People” and helped motivate the players and those in the stands by playing their fight songs. By the end of the night, the score was 35-0, Condors taking all.

There were plenty of splashes of color in the bleachers as students showed their school spirit by wearing Hawaiian spirit wear. The stands at the game were filled with cheering fans, and the Nest was tightly packed with enthusiastic students rooting for the Condors. Evelyn Barreto, a freshman who attended the game on Friday, describes the crowd like this, “The crowd seemed to be extremely excited and all the people in the crowd were getting super into it.” It was evident that both the players as well as all who attended to support the Condors had an excellent time at the game and that there will likely be many more eventful games to come.