Back to school

As school starts back up, and students start opening their laptops and computers to start online distance learning, Covid-19 has currently taken a dip on it’s daily cases in August, according to the L.A. times. This doesn’t mean we can start going outside to go see friends and extended family though. We still have to stay indoors for the time being.

Due to staying inside for the last couple of months, and missing all of summer I decided to check in with some of my friends to see how they were doing in this terrible pandemic. I decided to post a very simple poll, asking how everyone was doing in quarantine. Out of 31 participants 14 voted that they were doing just fine, while 17 people voted that they could be doing better.

File:3D medical animation coronavirus structure.jpg

Anonymous: Its Alright but I don’t like sitting in front of the screen for half the day.

Alexis Perez : It is just constant stress.

File:Online learning img.jpg

Even though it can be stressful and depressing that we are stuck inside, it is our responsibility to stay safe and slow the curve for our health care workers. So stay safe Condors and remember to wear a mask.

Corona virus makeup: Manu5 (January 30, 2020)

Online learning: Oconnoras (October 21,2014)