Mario Kart is Playable on Mobile, and it’s a Big Hit

Trends across many platforms will always continue to circulate from one thing to another, and sometimes back again. Although Instagram and TikTok are probably the most downloaded apps, Mario Kart Tour has had a high download rate of 90 million in its first week prior to its launch. It was especially popular among people who are fond of Nintendo and gamers among all platforms, but it was an instant hit nonetheless.

The game originally featured some of the Mario franchise’s most popular characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad. It was, in a way, a pocket version of the original game; it still included different tours, cups, and achievements but just on a mobile device. It also seems it updates every month with another tour, another set of cups, and challenges split up among two weeks. Using the New York Tour as an example, the first half of content will have been released the first two weeks of the tour; the new character being Pauline, the new kart being the Yellow Taxi, and the new glider being the Fare Flier. These items will be featured in the mystery pipes, which give you new items, giving you a better chance of getting an impossibly rare item. The next half will be released after those first two weeks and a second featured set of items will be released: Mario (Musician), the Blue Bandwagon, and the Bullet Bill Parachute.

Mario Kart Tour: New York

Although this game is great for having fun and passing some time, it is not advised that you use this app in class; I have already witnessed some doing this already. It is best that you do it during your break time so you will not get in trouble or worse, get your phone taken away. The game is clearly addicting, but Nintendo saw this coming; so to prevent this from happening, the cup’s release dates are spread apart so players cannot simply play for hours nonstop.

Mario Kart Tour is a very successful mobile game that has spread rapidly throughout the world. Even though it is fun and interesting to play, it doesn’t mean you need to play it every chance you have. Go live in the world, don’t just observe it; there is a time for everything, so choose wisely.