Spring Musical

Written by Lizzie Guzman

Photo provided by Mr. Nyugen
Photo provided by Mr. Nguyen

As many of you know the spring musical was based off the popular comic strip and show Charlie Brown. The musical was directed by the drama teacher Mr. Nyugen and it was both hilarious and family friendly. The singers and orchestra were all California high school students (except for the pianist) and were all loveable and excellent performers.  I really enjoyed listening to Snoopy (Seth Diaz) and of course Charlie Brown (Fernando De La Cruz) sing and act. The cast did a wonderful job of making me laugh and smile and the orchestra played beautifully. The musical centered around Charlie Brown, who throughout the musical struggles with being lonely and tries to discover his importance and who his friends think he is. Along the way of his discovery we also watch as his friends, and Snoopy, interact with each other and sing about how they feel about life and their problems. One of my personal favorite songs from the musical is the song Dinner Time which is about Snoopy singing and dancing and expressing his love for dinner. By the end of the musical all the characters have solved their problems and are happy and content with their friendship.

Overall I loved the musical and although it was really short it still made me laugh and was super enjoyable. Although the musical has already passed I hope many of you were able to watch it and enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Photo by Mr. Nguyen