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Homecoming 2018

Hannah Martinez October 2, 2018

Homecoming this year was a huge success. Set to the theme of "Down the Rabbit Hole", this year's hoco was held at the exclusive Hangar 21 in Fullerton. Condors came to dance underneath the sky, enjoy...

I Wish It Was Possible

Jaclyn Trejo October 1, 2018

I Wish It Was Possible By Jaclyn Trejo I wish it was possible to unsend my heart All the promises I would take back All the hopes and dreams I wish it was possible to turn back the clock Maybe I wouldn’t...

I Remember

Jaclyn Trejo October 1, 2018

I Remember By Jaclyn Trejo   I remember my childhood wrought with pain With bones too brittle for one new to the world I could never keep up with other children I remember being older than those...

Freshman Advice

Sam Marrufo- Fuentes October 1, 2018

Freshman Advice By Samantha Marrufo-Fuentes   Samantha Marrufo 2018   Welcome Condors to your 2018-2019 school year, and an especially huge welcome to our freshmen. I am now a sophomore...

Family Over Everything

Molly McCormick October 1, 2018

Family Over Everything By Molly McCormick   Daniel Gonzales is a sophomore here at California High School and part of the class of 2021. He plays football and does track and field in the off...

First Day of High School

Kate Vizcarra October 1, 2018

First Day of High School By Kate Vizcarra Photo by Kate Vizcarra 2018 On August 14,  2018, hundreds of freshmen started a new chapter in their lives. That Tuesday was the first official day at...

Too Human

Hannah Martinez October 1, 2018

Too Human By Hannah Martinez Prologue The pod is on fire, and for once, it’s not my fault. “Rovieta. Warning. Fire detected,” says the intelligence radar, and I want to kick it where it hurts....

Summer Vacay

Emerald Ramirez October 1, 2018

Summer Vacay By Emerald Ramirez I absolutely positively loved my summer this year. Sure, it started off with summer school so I could avoid Government and Econ (and take advantage of being an academic...

Return to the Nest

Itzel Ramirez October 1, 2018

Return to the Nest By Itzel Ramirez, Emily Quirarte, & Lynette Sepulveda Ah yes, the smell of fresh school supplies, football games, and boring icebreaker games. Back to school season is always...

Snow- Ch.1

Jack Martinez October 1, 2018

The snow was everywhere, everything was covered with a thick layer of soft white powder. The road was practically gone, the only instances of it still being there were the guard rails running along the...


Jaclyn Trejo October 1, 2018

Sometimes  Emotions are too much Too strong Too there Too messy   Wouldn’t it be nice to turn them off? Flip a switch? No more drama No more strife Just... nothing   Someone...

Club Rush

Kate Vizcarra October 1, 2018

The day of Club Rush is really exciting for every student at Cal High, especially for all the freshman students. As a 9th grader, I can say that I was extremely eager for the day to come. At California...

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