What’s With The Competition Between Apple And Android?

You may hear people debating on which phone is better, is the Iphone better or an Android phone? This is a tough question to answer because it really all comes down to preference. Some phones have better features than others like for example: the Iphone has a much faster chip than an android chip and android phones can split screen while Iphones can not.

Now, let’s compare prices, Apple is known for its beautiful graphics and high quality technology, however it’s somewhat pricey, while A Samsung or Google Pixel would be a cheaper alternative. First starting off with the newest phones from each company. Iphone 12 Pro is $1,000 while the Google Pixel 4a 5G is half the price of that making it $500.

Nicole Smith January 30, 2021

The list goes on along with computers, tablets, and other tech accessories. I created a poll on my Instagram account asking “What phone do you have?”. About 98% of people said they owned an Iphone over the 2% that owned an android phone. I proceeded to continue asking another question getting into depth, “What company would you prefer buying tech products from?” You may be surprised that many people did not care for Apple as much but would consider buying Android products too.

Fernando Rios (a freshman at California High School) says:

“I prefer Apple over Android because Apple has a more modern feel to it. Android feels like you’re in the early 2000’s era.”