Band Jamboree

Band Jam 2018 saw all the bands from the Whittier High School District come together at the Cal Hi stadium to show off their stuff. Cal High shined with their performance of “The Jewel and the Dragon”.

After Santa Fe, Whittier, Pioneer, and La Serna had given their performances in band, drill team, pepsters, and song, the Condors showed up to take the stadium by storm. Allyson Fortis (12), drum major for the event, was especially excited. In the days leading up to the event, Fortis said, “we’ve been working hard for this. Really hard.” Band members Yvette Martinez (11) and Mark Gonzalez (11) echoed the sentiment. Band director Mr. Nordquist has trained and rehearsed with all the players, and it was clear that they had practiced well.

Cal’s band stole the show with their performance of “The Jewel and the Dragon”, a story in which a village’s jewel is stolen by a vicious red dragon, and one villager fights to take the jewel back. With soaring music and perfect precision, band and colorguard worked together to give an amazing presentation. Parents, little siblings, and random strangers all leaned in as the music reached its climax, and all eyes were on colorguard as they threw their batons and flags in the air. 

Band Jam ended with Cal’s band proving why they are the best in the district. It was truly a night to remember!

Photo credits: Hannah Martinez 2018