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Love is What Really Matters

Jaclyn Trejo March 20, 2019

A long time ago people did things differently... Way back before candy hearts and commercialized holidays, there were beating hearts and family holidays. Lovers enjoyed each other's company without...

Coffee Shop Roulette

Jaclyn Trejo January 29, 2019

I looked up. The sudden quiet startled me out of my reverie. Dead ahead, a stream of coffee had frozen from where it was being poured. In fact, everything had frozen. Behind the counter, the usual...

Part of the Crowd

Jaclyn Trejo November 5, 2018

There are seven billion people in this world, and climbing,  And you think you don’t fit in somewhere? Call me a nerd, but I don’t like those odds You may think you’re different, But...

I Wish It Was Possible

Jaclyn Trejo October 1, 2018

I Wish It Was Possible By Jaclyn Trejo I wish it was possible to unsend my heart All the promises I would take back All the hopes and dreams I wish it was possible to turn back the clock Maybe I wouldn’t...

I Remember

Jaclyn Trejo October 1, 2018

I Remember By Jaclyn Trejo   I remember my childhood wrought with pain With bones too brittle for one new to the world I could never keep up with other children I remember being older than those...


Jaclyn Trejo October 1, 2018

Sometimes  Emotions are too much Too strong Too there Too messy   Wouldn’t it be nice to turn them off? Flip a switch? No more drama No more strife Just... nothing   Someone...

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