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Jack Martinez May 25, 2019

It is the dream of every athlete to not only compete at the varsity level, but also to excel. Each year at Cal High, the freshman class is always teeming with talented athletes; however, it is a rare...

SBAC Testing

Jack Martinez May 21, 2019

MARCH 11th, 2019 - Every morning, I walk through the front gates of California High School and stroll to the far right corner of the A building where my friends and I hang out. We poke fun at each other...


Jack Martinez May 4, 2019

When I think back to the very start of my life, I remember seeing color for the first time; I saw color drifting around me like butterflies swimming in the wind. Orange, red, black, gray, pink, yellow....

AP Tests

Jack Martinez May 4, 2019

The end of the school year is in sight, few obstacles remain before that wonderful transition into summer break... However, one of those obstacles happens to be one of the biggest: the beginning of AP...

Once a tall Tree

Once a tall Tree

Jack Martinez February 9, 2019

I’m a tree A tall tree standing taller out of the rest of the forest I’m strong, I hold it all up among the ground up I’m tall and fine Days go and nights stay by I’m...

The Longest Shutdown in the History of Shutdowns

The Longest Shutdown in the History of Shutdowns

Jack Martinez February 4, 2019

This past Friday, President Donald J. Trump signed legislation which temporarily ended the longest government shutdown in United States history. The shutdown began on December 22nd, after Democrats refused...

Breaking News in Cross Country: CIF and State

Jack Martinez November 17, 2018

Underdog Cal High proves to be a dominant force and qualifies for State.  Photo courtesy of Mr. Schloss Photo courtesy of Mr. Schloss  This past Saturday, the Cal Cross Country Boys team...

A Short Story: The Blue Light

Jack Martinez November 5, 2018

A bomb went off in the city. A flash of blue light quickly danced through my windows and cast itself onto the walls of my apartment. For less than a second, nearly everything in my home had turned blue....

Snow- Ch.1

Jack Martinez October 1, 2018

The snow was everywhere, everything was covered with a thick layer of soft white powder. The road was practically gone, the only instances of it still being there were the guard rails running along the...

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