Zero period, 0 or 10

Now that summer is over and we are rolling into Fall, the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have all been reacquainted with everyday school life. That includes having a zero period, for the ones who choose it. Of course this is nothing new to the upperclassmen, but to the Freshmen, it might be a little overwhelming to make that decision for themselves in the future, due to it not being implemented in some middle school.

From freshman to senior there is at least one who has a zero. Some of these people are Shaliyah Divinagracia, a freshman, Aidan Torres, a Sophomore, and Tyler Lasater, a Junior.

Shaliyah Divinagracia

Do you like your zero period?

-I like it a lot.

Do you think other freshman will like it?

-It depends on the class being taken by the student.

Aidan Torres

Why did you take a zero period?

-I did it to get out of school faster.

What do you think about your zero period?

-I think it is cool.

Tyler Lasater

Why did you take a zero period?

-I wanted a free 6th period.

What do you think of your zero period?

-It’s alright.


Why did you take a zero period?

-I like waking up early in the morning.

What do you think about your zero?

-Its really nice, because I get to see all my friends everyday in a zero period.

I hope this article helps any freshman, sophomore, or junior who are on the fence about getting a 6th period.