Freshman Advice

With a stampede of freshmen coming into Cal High, most are either ready to begin their new and first year of high school while others most likely have no idea what they’re doing and are overwhelmed with their new environment. Here’s advice from a few juniors on campus.

Nicole G.

Prioritize what you believe in, this is important. Keep your studies as one of your top priorities and develop a beneficial work ethic. Your friends will, unfortunately, come and go. What you view now as important will most likely be completely different to how you view things in the future.

Diana G.

Do your work! Just because it’s freshman year doesn’t mean you can blow off your studies. Always prioritize school because it will help you succeed in other things later on in the future. This isn’t like middle school, teachers will not be there step by step to help you through every little problem. You will have to learn on your own by continuously studying and working hard.

Sarah T.

Get involved in everything that interests you! Homework and assignments are only a fraction of what high school is about, don’t be afraid to go to football games or other sports games. Participate in night rally’s, spirit days, and of course, don’t be afraid to show that Condor Pride! Make the most out of your next four years at Cal High.

Amanda M.

Do not procrastinate or else it’ll catch up with you! Trust me, putting off school work will only increase your stress and make your grades drop. If you only put half your potential in assignments then it will definitely hurt your grades and time in school.

Serenity S.

I can’t stress this enough, do NOT do anything dumb! There are so many kids in our school who end up doing some dumb stuff and end up getting kicked out. Instead you should challenge yourself in school and go beyond everyone’s expectations.

Sara V.

Do all your work and don’t procrastinate. If you follow this, you’ll be fine. There so many people I know who wait until the last minute and end up stressing themselves out so much that they sometimes get physically sick.

Grecia D.

Always stay on top off your work because it’ll be such a mess to catch up with all your work if you leave it to pile up. Of course, have fun in high school as well because even though it doesn’t seem like it, time flies by! In a blink of an eye, you’re a senior, so enjoy and cherish everything while you can.