Cal’s CSF Raises Funds Via Knott’s CSF Night

In a night of fun for everyone, Cal’s charter for CSF raised scholarship money for its Lifetime Members this year through Knott’s Berry Farm’s CSF Night.

The gates opened for ticket-holders at 7:30 sharp, and soon kids from schools all over Southern California poured into the amusement park. I was among them, along with my friends Sam Ortiz, Jasmine Garcia, and Emerald Ramirez.

While some rides, such as the much-famed Hang Time and the rickety Ghostrider, were closed throughout the night, revelers and adrenaline seekers still had much to look forward to. Signs throughout the park welcomed members of CSF to Knott’s, and visitors were able to get on heart-pounding rides like Xcelerator and Montezuma’s Revenge. For the lighter of heart, the swings and arcades were open and running through the whole night. My friend Emerald loved the arcades, and we competed in a game to win giant stuffed plushies.

Overall, it was an amazing night, and CSF had great success in raising scholarship funds for its members. Be sure to go next year and support CSF!

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