Different Ways to Celebrate Halloween

By: Cynthia Ibañez and Jazmin Garcia

It’s Halloween season! The first thing that comes to most people’s minds is looking for a costume and the idea of getting free candy! While dressing up and trick-or-treating sounds fun to most, there are so many different ways to have fun on Halloween night and we have a few suggestions for you.

File:Mini pumpkins.jpg

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a good scare, you can find a haunted house or corn maze to explore with your friends for a good price. You don’t have to dress up, all you have to do is show up and be ready to get scared! On the other hand, if you’re more interested in staying home you could stay in and binge watch some movies; They don’t necessarily have to be scary movies, you can watch any Halloween themed movie to get you in the spirit! You could also celebrate by testing your creativity by carving a pumpkin (or at least attempting to) however you like.  

Mini pumpkins- Drlinoth, 2009

    Although making your own haunted house for trick or treaters with family and friends is a good hands on craft! Going on a hayride in the fall seems to be a good way to spent the afternoon on Halloween. Or even going to a costume party sounds fun! Looking at everyone’s other costumes might give you ideas for next year. Hosting your own party on Halloween is great idea also. If you have a sugar tooth you might like this next idea. Baking  a cake that taste like your favorite Halloween candy.

    As you can see, there are many ways to spend Halloween all depending on what fits you and your lifestyle. From scary to sweet there’s at least one activity that will interest you. I hope we gave you ideas for this year or next years Halloween, Happy halloween.

This year’s costume contest was a success! Teachers and students participated alike, with Moises Garcia as Mr. Gomez and the Clendenons as Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas.