The Evening of the Talking Cow: Another Successful ComedySportz Night

“Over the last few weeks there’s been a rift in our ComedySportz team,” beloved ComedySportz referee Sylvie tells her enraptured audience. “They’ve split up into teams of red and blue, and tonight they’re gonna hash it out right on this stage!”

The curtains draw back, and two teams of red and blue run onto the stage in the cafeteria, greeted with uproarious applause. Captains reach the playing field, and Sylvie starts the teams off with a blow of her whistle.

Team Blue, led by Skyler Reyes, began the night right with a game of Four Square. Skyler, aided by Raul Martinez, Seth Diaz, and Andy Nunez, gave a brilliant comedy scene featuring four different scenarios. What gave the most punch was a sketch between Skyler and Andy, posing as women stuck in an elevator. Skyler glared at Andy, declaring, “Is that new perfume? It sure stinks.” Andy glanced at Skyler, sniffed, and said, “It’s your husband’s.”

While the game of Four Square left the crowd in stitches, Team Red brought their laughs to a whole new level. Captain Jacob Vicuna led his team to a victory with the game New Choice. With the help of his teammates, Joshua Popp, Lauren Cokias, and Elijah Smith, Jacob was able to present a sketch featuring gay farmers and a talking cow. The scathing satire on GMOs and the similarity to Brokeback Mountain earned Team Red a point victory.

After halftime, both teams were neck and neck. Team Red, with new captain Joshua Popp and new player Ian Bohorquez, brought to the game social commentary on weight, squeaky cars, and donuts. Team Blue and new captain Raul Martinez gave an amazing Emo Party scene, aided by new player Bridget Swanson. By the time Sylvia called off the final game, no one was sure who would win.

But after all the laughs and hard work, Team Blue pulled through to snatch the win. Tonight was another reminder of the magic of laughter!

Photo Credits: Hannah Martinez 2019