The Memes of 2018

Memes have become an extremely important part of our society–they are not just pictures with words but something else entirely. Memes are a source of laughter after a long day at school. One reason that they are so important to this generation is that they have the ability to let us share our experiences that no one ever talks about, experiences people are too scared to share in fear that they might be judged. I asked one of our students here at Cal High what her thoughts on memes were. Crystal Chavez (9) claims that memes are amazing, and her favorite meme ever is Kermit the Frog. She said this is her favorite because you can pick a Kermit for whatever mood you have. Crystal also claimed that memes benefit the community because they put people in a better mood, therefore eliminating any violence and fighting.

Here are some of the best memes of 2018:

 The Evil Patick star 
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“Change my mind”
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Is this a pigeon?
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”Surprised Pikachu”
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“Squinting woman”
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“Kermit memes”
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“Krusty Krab vs chum bucket”
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Although “the egg” wasn’t a meme in 2018 I thought it still deserved to be in this list for breaking a world record and having the most likes ever in an Instagram post.

Credits: Kate Vizcarra 2019