Who Won Homecoming Court?

It’s that season again, condors! Homecoming is around the corner and all of Cal is bursting with excitement and anticipation. The last homecoming dance we had here at CalHigh was 2 years ago in 2019, crazy, right? Over a thousand condors bought a homecoming ticket after an unfortunate year in 2020 without a Homecoming, let alone any social events.

With that in mind, Homecoming season is not only fun because of the fabulous dance but also choosing our 2021 Homecoming Court! You’re probably wondering ‘so who won?’ After a very exciting and nerve-wracking wait, Anel Rodriguez and Vance Johnson won California High Schools, 2021 Homecoming King and Queen.

Anel Rodriguez is a senior volleyball player and Vance Johnson is the senior star player of the Varsity football team. Although I could not get an interview with Vance I asked Anel who kindly agreed to share some words on her feelings after winning homecoming queen.

“I wasn’t expecting that. I felt very grateful to everyone who voted for me.”

Anel Rodriguez
Anel Rodriguez 2021