Summer Vacay

Summer Vacay

By Emerald Ramirez

I absolutely positively loved my summer this year. Sure, it started off with summer school so I could avoid Government and Econ (and take advantage of being an academic mentor), but it was good. We also had a real lockdown that most of us coasted through and weren’t really worried about (students are becoming kind of desensitized).

Despite those pretty mundane six weeks of learning, I had another three weeks of absolute heaven that also involved more learning!  This year I went to a pre-college program at UC Davis for veterinary science. It was so much fun, I got to see and pet animals ranging from kittens to horses as well as meet and dorm with new people from other pre-college programs (Graphics, Interaction, and Architecture & Food and Agriculture).

I also had the chance to explore Davis and the surrounding cities on my own. The only drawback for an athletically challenged person like me was our mode of transportation: bicycles. By the end of the three weeks, my legs were screaming in pain, but it was definitely worth it.

Once I was done, I had learned so much about the career, the aspects, and the branches of veterinary medicine, even some genetics and actual concepts veterinary students learn. I became so much more enamored with the career and know for sure that it would be what I want to do.

Now, I am glad to be back home, but I can’t help but miss being in that environment with my great new friends, wonderful professors, amazing resident advisers, and of course the animals. It definitely was the best and most memorable summer for me.

Photo Credits: Emerald Ramirez 2018