Rivalry Week at Cal High!

In honor of our Homecoming Dance, Cal High decided to have a Homecoming Game the day before, and also dress up throughout the week to get ready for the two exciting events! Cal thought it would be a fun week to have, with kids dressing, and going head to head against each other. With aliens versus cowboys, mathletes versus athletes, and so much more! Cal High kicked the week off with kids coming in flannels or (versus) floral wear.  Tuesday was surfers versus greasers, Wednesday: cowboys versus aliens, Thursday: mathletes versus athletes, and Friday, to show off our Condor Pride, we wore blue or yellow (depending on what grade you’re in.) Freshmen and sophomores wore yellow, while juniors and seniors wore blue. Now, are you interested to see what Condors wore this week? Read this article to find out! 

Monday: Floral versus Flannel 

-Students were to come to school dressed in either floral or flannel wear

Tuesday: Surfers versus Greasers

-Students were to come to school dressed as a surfer or greaser

Wednesday: Cowboys versus Aliens

-Students were to come to school dressed as a cowboy or alien

Thursday: Mathletes versus Athletes 

-Students were to come to school dressed as a mathlete or athlete

Friday: Condor Madness

-Freshmen and sophomores wore yellow, and juniors and seniors wore blue

I hope you enjoyed this week Condors! It was a fun one, and I hope everyone had fun at the game and at homecoming! (Also, did ya’ll see that proposal for homecoming??! And, Mrs. Davies is rocking her “mathlete” gear.)