Introducing the Cal ASB Team

By: Isaiah Soto & Isabella Montana

ASB stands for Associated Student Body. The students who are members of ASB work to put together school activities and create a pleasant high school campus for students. To get to know these ASB representatives a little better, we sat down with a few of them and asked them their 10 biggest questions.

¨What made you want to be a member of ASB? What does ASB mean to you?¨

Justin Toyoshiba, senior and ASB President, shared his freshman year experience with ASB events that had a big influence on his choice. He said,¨I felt that I could really commit myself to something like that, and make the community and school better for the students here. What motivates me the most is seeing how much other people appreciate the events and how much fun they are having.¨

Junior Class President, Faith Hernandez, wanted to find a family-like community at Cal. She reflected on her time in the East Whittier middle school music program, where she had this type of connection. When entering high school,¨I wanted that same type of bond. So to me, ASB is about enjoying your life and really making it better for other people. And creating bonds with people you never thought you would have.¨

ASB President, Justin Toyoshiba (left) and ASB Secretary, Abigail Ramos (right).

¨What are your goals for this year?¨

ASB Secretary and Senior, Abigail Ramos, shared her focus was on encouraging students to be more involved. 

¨There’s not a lot of people who [participate] when it comes to dress up for beach day…But since we got that time cut off, more people want to participate in spirit events, especially if you are a senior and it’s your last year.¨ 

Emiliano Jasis, senior ASB vice president, echoed similar goals. ¨Well this year, coming off of COVID… this year is a clean slate. Having a chance with football games, new activities, new events. Just super excited to finally get everyone to understand what it means to have condor pride.¨

¨Have you been experiencing any senioritis?¨

All of our interviewees agreed they´ve been too busy to slow down, but admitted to feeling a little burnt out. 

Moses Vicuna, senior and athletic director, spoke for the group. ¨I wouldn’t say I’ve started suffering from senioritis but I’m definitely slowing down a little bit. I just think that comes with transitioning back to in-person learning from online learning.¨

¨What are your plans after highschool?¨

It was exciting to hear from ambitious students, the students agreed unanimously that they wanted to go to college. 

Toyoshiba expanded on his ideal career path post-graduation,¨I wanna go into film.¨ Abigail Ramos is looking forward to becoming a psychologist in the future. Jasis and Vicuna are looking forward to continuing their education at UCLA, with Vicuna sharing his goal of majoring in computer science. Faith Hernandez has Cal Poly on the top of her dream school list and for her career,¨As of right now I want to be a physician’s assistant.¨

ASB Vice President, Emiliano Jasis (left) and ASB Athletic Rep, Moses Vicuna (right).

¨What is an ASB led event that you’ve really enjoyed or one you are looking forward to?¨

The answers we received to this question were all varied versions of, ¨I´m really excited for the night rally,¨(Ramos). 

The youngest of the group, Hernandez, recalled her first experience with the night rally, ¨My freshman year I was in freshman class council, I was a part of night rally… I just remember that being the best night ever…I didn’t know what to expect, but I went in so ready for it. I’m really looking forward to that.¨

Moses Vicuna added,¨I´d say night rally too, night rally is just one big party. And there’s a bunch of light and spirit.¨ 

Emiliano Jasis shared the same enthusiasm for the Night Rally, but kept his answer in perspective in terms of the covid safety procedures,¨ Typically it would be in the gym. We´re hoping it can be that way again, but either in the stadium or gym, we just don’t know. Either way, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.¨

¨What do you do in your free time?¨

Ramos shared she loves to play video games (Minecraft being her most popular choice) and read, adding her favorite book is The Color Purple. Justin Toyoshiba took part in her interests, ¨Well, I run with her [Abigail]. I also go out and shoot videos of super classic cars, I´ll also go down to LA.¨ 

Emiliano Jasis emphasized his need for brain breaks,¨Anything to just take my mind off of all the stuff we´re doing…. Probably just watching anime, not gonna lie. But also hanging out with friends, or I like to go biking too.¨

Faith Hernandez showed the most eagerness for this question,¨ I love to bake! I am a baker! I have like an Instagram account, I always post my baking stuff…During the quarantine, I started baking a lot. I got really into different things like croissants and cinnamon rolls.¨ Should you need advice on decorating cakes, it sounds like Faith is your girl! 

¨What is your favorite type of music or artist?”

Justin Toyoshiba’s taste is, “Hard rock, 80´s rock, AC/DC.” classics.

Emiliano Jasis said his favorite artist, “is definitely Bruno Mars”, and he enjoys listening to 70s music as well. 

Abigail Ramos on the other hand, well, do you wanna know? It’s Arctic Monkeys. A nice choice this journalist highly approves of. 

“What is your favorite food?”

Justin Toyoshiba and Abigail Ramos both agreed that pasta is a “runner’s food”.

Moses Vicuna went with classic, burritos. He summed them up as being “diverse, you can change it up.” 

Emiliano Jasis chose sushi as his favorite. He and Vicuna agreed that sushi and burritos are equally diverse. “You can never go wrong” and Vicuna adding that sushi is really just a “closeted burrito.”

Contrary to the rest, Faith Hernandez is “a big ice cream person”. She went on to tell how “growing up, my grandpa and I would always eat rainbow sherbet together.” Dessert is always a good choice!

ASB Junior Class President, Faith Hernandez.

“If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

Emiliano Jasis responded to this question by sticking to his roots, “Honestly I really like it in LA. Like the culture, there’s burritos. Like the LA street life, you can never go wrong.” Of course, adding the fact of burritos being widely available in LA. 

The rest of the crew chose someplace in Europe. Faith Hernandez said, “anywhere in Europe. I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to go to Europe.” Justin Toyoshiba chose “Norway, because of the weather”. Abigail Ramos and Moses Vicuna went with Switzerland. Vicuna adding, “I did my APES project on Switzerland, but even before that I liked it…Switzerland´s dope!” 

“Who is your hero?”

The entire group went with the obvious choice, their parents. Vicuna pointed out how “it’s always nice to have them there” in which the whole group agreed. Faith Hernandez responded with “seeing all the work she put in to make sure we’re happy is just really amazing to me”. These members really appreciate the work their parents put in for them.