Stress of the New Year

It has finally been done! School is back in full force, students are coming to campus again, and everything is slowly returning to normal. But now that school is back, it begs the question how are students dealing with being back in person? Quarantine was a rough time and everyone had to adapt differently so now that we are back in person after almost 2 years there are definitely new stresses that have popped up because of it, and the way that we deal with those new stresses can make or break our school year.

Khayden Allmeninger 2021

In these trying times, it is a good idea to have many different ways to destress especially when it’s already difficult coming back on campus. The Freshman and Sophomores don’t even really know what is going on, they are practically lost in the mix of all this. Covid, even though more people are getting vaccinated is still rampant, especially with the delta variant already here. So for those freshmen and Sophomores reading this, some seniors have some tips for you to destress and decompress. The questions were very simple. Do you consider yourself more introverted or more extroverted? What do you do at home to destress from a long day of work? What do you find enjoyable about that, why do you do it?

Carlos Vargas: “I would say I am more introverted, I like to draw or chat online, it’s just something I’ve been doing my whole life.”

Manny Rivera: “I think I’m more introverted, I like to lay down and listen to Billie Eilish, I just like listening to her music.”

Khayden Allmendinger 2021

Lily Barto: “It depends on the case I ‘m like half and half, I destress by doing the things I enjoy like sleeping, and I just like to sleep, I enjoy it.”

Alyssa Diaz: “I’m an introvert, to destress I make soup, I do it because it is good and I like it a lot, really helps me destress.”

So as you can see some very interesting ways to destress, the reason behind asking all four people if they were introverted or extroverted is because the two types can have very different ways of destressing. Introverts tend to stay home and like being alone, while extroverts like going out and hanging with friends to destress. For those freshmen and sophomores who don’t really know what they are doing remember to talk to your peers and your teachers, it won’t be the best high school experience but building connections early will help you in the long run, so good luck and keep pushing condors!