Study Tips For The Upcoming Year

With the school year just beginning and tests coming in by the dozen, students need study tactics to help better their chances of passing. After a school year spent online, it’s only natural to be a bit rusty or uneasy about upcoming tests and how to prepare for them. Having good study habits are a great help in not only maintaining good grades but also preventing stress and getting overwhelmed. In order to provide various different forms of studying, I interviewed classmates and sought out a few resources.

Christine Cardenas 2021

AP students are of the many who have been overwhelmed by several quizzes and tests in the past weeks as the year has progressed. When interviewing Evelyn Barreto, an ASB member and student of AP classes, I was given a few tips: “When I get ready for tests I like to go back to the flashcards and notes I made to get an idea of what I learned in class. I find that flashcards are the most hopeful when I need to memory important information.” When studying for a topic such as history and math, flashcards are a good tool to memorize important events and equations. Additionally, looking through past notes can help overview important information gone over in class.

Christine Cardenas 2021

Another one of my classmates discusses her use of the apps Quizlet and YouTube: “When I’m studying for a test I like to use Quizlet as flashcards and I watch YouTube videos that go over any math or history lessons I didn’t initially understand.” If a student is looking for any online resources Quizlet and YouTube are great choices. Quizlet is an app that is a good alternative to flashcards if you aren’t looking to use too much paper. YouTube is also very useful for a great number of topics; I have personally used it to get a brief summary of history lessons.

Ultimately, the way studying is approached varies from person to person and it is beneficial to find what works best for you. While it can be tedious and daunting, studying is vital to maintaining or raising your grade. It can contribute to easing anxieties and doubts about your knowledge on a subject and ensures that you will pass the test in question.