Transitioning to Stage 2 learning at Cal

On April 6, 2021, Whittier Union High School District announced that students would be returning to campus. WUHSD would allow students to chose whether or not they wanted to remain online or switch to on-campus learning. Before students enter campus they must fill out a mandatory online survey. The survey is based on student’s health and covid symptoms, and once filled students receive a confirmation email on whether or not they are able to go onto campus. Once students arrive on campus and present their positive confirmation email, faculty members do a temperature check and students are safe to enter campus. Although we are now onto stage 3, which allows students to come to school twice a week, many on-campus students were positive about the transition to stage 2. 

Alec Gamez, 11

While talking with students, many remained positive about the transition and were overall satisfied with what the district had done. Many students missed the environment of being on campus and students like Alec Gamez, who is a junior at Cal, missed friends and being able to see classmates. Most students thought that the district had done their best in making this transition possible, and students had no complaints about the switch to in-person. Students felt more productive and comfortable online and with the vaccine becoming more available to teens, students also began to feel safer. 

Teachers also felt safe while on campus and according to Mr.Hernandez, who teaches English at Cal, felt “100% secure back on campus.” Mr.Hernandez has been fully vaccinated with the help of the district, and a majority of faculty at Cal have also been vaccinated. Mr.Hernandez described feeling more productive on campus which is something students and teachers have in common. Overall, Mr.Hernandez continues to encourage students to social distance and remains a great English teacher at Cal. 

As students continue moving into phase 3 and are able to be on campus for two days, the hope of students returning to fully on-campus learning in the fall continues to grow.