How are Students Feeling About Upcoming AP Tests?

Christine Cardenas 2021

Due to the coronavirus there have been many changes to how the school system must operate, and AP tests were not an exception. Depending on which AP test a student is taking they will either attend school or take the test at home. Regardless of the different settings the panic and stress is all the same. Tension and anxiety soar as students rush to cram and watch endless videos overviewing their past lessons.

The stress that has been brought on by COVID-19 combined with the anxiety that accompanies AP tests only brings on more and more pain for the students. They not only have to maintain their grades for the current quarter but they must also make sure that they are prepared for the tests that are to come. It is not the fear of failing the test that consumes the students but rather the dread of taking a class that amounts to nothing. “I’m scared that if I fail the test it means I just took a class for nothing.” (Anonymous). If a student fails an AP test they can feel as though they wasted their school year stressing over something that was doomed to have negative results. A vast majority of students take these classes in order to get college credit, and when they do not get it there is only disappointment.

While it may seem like a good idea to spend your day studying it is important to take your mental health into consideration. You should make sure to take breaks every now and then and try to make some free time to relax and take a breath. You may find that cramming for an entire day can do more harm than good. It is best to tackle a test with a fresh and healthy mind, not one that is burnt out. Make yourself a schedule and remember to do what is best for your physical and mental being.