All about Australian Cattle Dogs

1.) Cattle dogs were first cross-bred in Australia between Blue Merles and Australian Dingos in the late 1800s by British settlers.

2.) They were first developed to help herd cattle and they are still doing this today. However, these hard-working pups still make for an amazing family pet or companion.

3.) Their coats can come in different shades of blue or red and can have a speckled or mottled pattern (light spots on a dark background and vise versa). This beautiful coat is double layered with short fur and is water-resistant.

4.) One of the longest living dogs in the world was a blue heeler named Bluey for 29 years and 5 months! Nonetheless, their typical lifespan is about 13-15 years which is still a long time.

5.) Cattle dogs can be good with toddlers/children, as long as they are socialized well around all types of people from a young age. One must remember to keep their herding instincts in mind when training them to help avoid them from trying to nibble and herd small children instead of cattle/sheep.

6.) These pups are extremely loyal and highly alert and wary when around strangers.

7.) They are super intelligent and independent pets! Training a Heeler could be hard at times because of their stubbornness but with positive reinforcement training, along with their bright minds, they can be disciplined in no time.

8.) One major characteristic about them is their high-energy levels! Heelers must stay active on a daily basis, they are not the “lay all day” kind of dog.

I hoped you enjoyed learning more about this extraordinary dog breed! As a nice treat, here is an adorable picture of my pet Cattle Dog “Chanel.” (Channy is her nickname:) And for anyone who is looking into getting an Australian Cattle Dog, I 100% recommend adopting one of these loving creatures!