Quizizz vs. Kahoot: Which is Better?

By this time I think it’s safe to say that both students and teachers have become widely familiar with these two online assessment tools: Kahoot and Quizizz. And it appears that both platforms have their fair share of benefits when it comes to virtual learning, but they also have their weaknesses depending on the degree of professionalism that the teacher decides to establish with their testing.

In terms of entertainment, Kahoot provides a quite catchy selection of music for players, but they don’t provide the cool, rewarding transitions between questions that Quizizz does. So when it comes to simple tests or practicing for fun, it seems that Quizizz takes the point.

Here’s a familiar format from student view when using Quizizz.com

What about competitive quizzing with peers in class? Well, in that case, Kahoot would be the best choice, because although Quizizz offers a rank recording at the end, Kahoot shows the class ranking after every question. Thus, driving students to be more ambitious in the moment.

When it comes to taking serious tests in class, such as a math final, or a unit test, Quizizz is the superior choice. This platform makes it easier to take tests online, because it supports an independent-working environment for students, free from the impulsive desire to make it on the leader board, which Kahoot often inclines students to do.

Considering the points made above, its clear that both platforms make learning much more fun no matter what, but Kahoot serves best to create convivial competition among classmates, while Quizizz serves better as an independent test-taking outlet.