Some of the Most Hated Foods in America

Based on an article on Wide Open Eats from December 28, 2019, I got some insight as to what some of the most disliked foods are in America, and I will be incorporating my input into this abridged list. Also, please keep in mind the opinions expressed here are not those of, they are the very viewpoints of an amateur food connoisseur.

Not sure if it's been discussed yet but my aldi started carrying fresh  cilantro! : aldi

Apparently Cilantro is on the list for one of the most disliked herbs to Americans. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think Cilantro is a staple item for Mexican salsas, and it gives a unique, subtle taste to whatever it is added to. I definitely do not dislike cilantro.

Another food on the list is Avocado! Despite millennial fanaticism with this fruit (yes, its a fruit), I guess a lot of people dislike it’s unique texture. Everything tastes better with Avocado in my opinion, so I personally disagree with this one. Plus, its been crowned a Superfood for its richness in fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Finally, is Candy Corn… everyone’s favorite Halloween treat! (cries in toothache) Based on a quick survey I did with my family members and 3 teens, they all seemed to dislike it for it’s texture and “boring” taste. I actually