Can Students Focus on Zoom Without Getting Distracted?

Distance learning has been a massive transition for students who were so used to being surrounded by their peers during class. This new quarantine-style of learning has definitely taken a toll on everyone- students, teachers, and parents. With virtual learning being the new norm, it means that there are more distractions for students on their electronic devices. 

There have been multiple studies that show that the presence of a cell phone hinders concentration. According to, “[it has] a negative impact on our ability to think, remember, pay attention, and regulate emotion”. As a result of having these distractions at our fingertips, it affects our attention span, which is conducive to learning.

Image by Stefan Kühn for Wikipedia on 28 March 2020

I was curious to see how often students use their phone during class, so I interviewed some of my peers: 

Alec Gamez