Are we in the Future?

Around the beginning of this month a man with a jetpack was spotted outside American Airlines flight 1997. The pilot claims that the man had some sort of flying device and was about 3,000 feet in altitude. If what the pilot says is true, then this would be a incredibly large achievement in Aerospace Engineering.

There have been some companies and even Youtubers who have made flying devices, like Gravity Industries, which is a British company that has designed a mini jet pack that you can strap to your arms. Also a Youtuber named JLaservideo has made a flying drone that you can stand on and hover with, but these two machines only allow you to hover maybe 10 to 20 feet up, no where near the 3,000 feet the pilot claims.

I initially thought that this was fake, because the height of the machines already built are no where close to how high the original person was, but I kept reading and found out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved! So I decided to put up a poll, to see how many people actually thought this was true. Out of 10 people 4 voted , yes the believed it, and 6 voted that it was not true. This saddened, but I decided to keep on digging, and I found something astonishing. It wasn’t only one pilot that spotted the man with a jetpack, it was tow pilots separated by a 10 minute interval! The secondary pilot was from flight JetBlue.

File:Iron Man at San Dieg ComicCon.jpg

So as you can see, even though 2020 is an atrocious year, if these findings come back positive, and someone actually did make a jetpack that could go that high, then we might just have a real life Iron Man suit coming soon, and you know what, I’m okay with that. August 13, 2008: Burning joker (iron man) December 18, 2005 jetpack