Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers?

Schools all around the country are trying to better evaluate how teachers are performing in the classroom and observations by administrators tend to be the way in which teachers get evaluated. But shouldn’t students be included in this process as well? I personally believe that students should be able to give their teachers feedback in some sort of way.

Student Isabella Diaz Ibarra said “I think students grading their teachers is a great idea. Students should be able to anonymously get their opinion out there because it’s important that they do have a voice and some teachers could do better and faculty does not always know that.”

However, some students believe the opposite, for example, Ixtati Cabrera said , “ they should not be able to grade their teachers. Students would take advantage of this and say bad things about them, meaning that teachers could run the chance of getting fired even though they might be excellent teachers.”

I also interviewed some teachers to get their opinion on the issue, 

Mr. Morelos said,  “Feedback should be used but it shouldn’t be something used to determine if a teacher keeps their job since we already get evaluated also not all students would be honest. Some students might determine if their teacher is “good” based on whether they are passing the class or not and personality conflicts could also interfere in their feedback.”

Lora Yorch  said, “Students should be able to say their opinion on the methods teachers use, but they shouldn’t focus on specific individuals because if students had something against the teachers’ personality then it might just destroy their reputation.”

Lastly, Mrs. Billings: said, “teachers should learn from their mistakes and grow. It is important that teachers receive feedback from students as long as they as they are still being respectful to that teacher.”

Teachers tend to be tested on the subjects that they are teaching and not often on how they teach the material. Students opinions on their teaching skills would help students learn better

I think that students’ opinions could be very helpful in determining the way students are taught and how well students learn. This could put teachers and students on the same page, meaning that the classroom environment could improve.